Are you stressed-out and over 40? Do you want to GET LEAN and build a strong body without spending your already busy life in the gym?

Save time by joining my VIP Online fitness & nutrition programme designed to ensure you reach your goals.

Simple, effective, micro workouts & a tailor-made food plan to fit around your work, family and social life. 

The world-class GET LEAN Online Coaching Programme is #1 for helping over 40s, who want to learn how to build their ideal physique without living in the gym. 

Fitness should improve your life, not consume it.

This programme has transformed the bodies and lives of hundreds of stressed-out over 40s. 

I am Mike Green, a Body Transformation expert who can help you lose or gain weight, build muscle and create long-lasting results. 

This life changing hassle-free programme, includes:

  • Micro workouts which can be done from anywhere
  • I use minimal equipment including; a suspension trainer, bands and mainly body weight so you can start training now
  • Walking for heart health and to boost your cognitive function 
  • An easy to follow meal plan to fit around your schedule and responsibilities

Improve your life, mind and your body today. 

Stay in shape all year round with my tried and tested solutions.

My 6 Weeks are up and I’m glad to say best decision I’ve ever made coming to you. I’ve lost 12kg and feeling a lot better, mentally and physically.

If you’re serious about getting lean, building muscle, and looking great all year round without wasting time and energy in the gym, you’re in the right place.

I’m never going to be able to get in shape, you say

But with the right programme you can reach your full potential in your career, relationships, and life.

Health is the foundation of life which I learned the hard way. 

I am a former “skinny insecure man,” I was bullied at school and while I had a talent for playing football with a poor diet and training regime I endured constant injuries. When my career was cut short as a semi professional footballer, I felt weak and insignificant. The lack of confidence I had in my body translated into all areas of my life. 

Until I trained as a personal trainer over 15 years ago, I realised the key to optimal health and a good fitness regime was key. When I began to transform my own body, I begun to excel in every other area of my life. 

I didn’t get there alone either because even world class athletes need a coach. All of us need someone to hold you accountable and to build you a plan you can follow. 

I haven’t looked back and neither will you. 


This is a personalized training program built around your goals, preferences, injury history, schedule, and equipment availability. 

Every program comes with an initial 15 minute virtual consultation to address any questions you have regarding health and training. 

After the consultation, I will email your custom training program in PDF format. 

I encourage clients to reach out via WhatsApp or email with any questions or updates regarding their training.

After purchase, you will receive a training questionnaire via email. Please fill this out and return it to me. From there, I will contact you to schedule the initial consultation at a time that works for you.  

Please be advised that wait times to schedule an initial consultation can be long. If you have timeline considerations please reach out to me via email before purchasing a training program. 

I have helped thousands of stressed-out over 30s build their dream bodies.

The key to success isn’t extreme diets. Nor is it spending hours in the gym crawling out dripping with sweat, or eating out of Tupperware boxes allday around the office. 

And it’s definitely not by being a social recluse and completely avoiding alcohol and bad food choices.

So, what is the real key?

The key to results is building you a customised plan around your work, family and lifestyle and holding you accountable to get you in the best shape of your life whilst enjoying the process.

I will support you every step of  the way and make any necessary changes throughout to ensure you are constantly making progress.

Having worked with all kinds of people from elite athletes to CEOs, lawyers, entrepreneurs and admin teams, there is one thing everyone wants:

To become the best version of themselves.


Here are the 3 key elements of the GET LEAN programme…

1. Smart efficient customised workouts, exercise selection is vital for over 30s.

Training over 30 requires a smarter approach with the right selective exercises to minimise injury, risk and gain optimal results.

I’ll provide written and video guidance all at the touch of a button on your phone from anywhere in the world.

I’ll answer all your training questions so you become self-sufficient for the rest of your life. If you have any questions about ANYTHING we’re doing, I’m here to give you the answers you need throughout the programme.

2. Customised nutrition plan and eating strategies.

Smart Effective eating plan & strategies to follow around a busy schedule. I don’t expect you to carry a cooler full of broccoli and chicken and miss out on a cold beer or a steak. I’ll devise a plan, so you can eat around your busy schedule.

Simplify fat loss, as I lay out how much to eat at each meal so you can simply just follow the food plan and make any necessary adjustment along the way.

3. World class accountability.

When you skip the gym or binge on food who’s going to hold you accountable? 

We have all done it and ended up back to square one, I am here to hold you to your best standards and become the best version of you. Plus I will ensure your routine fits around your other commitments and is tweaked to keep you motivated. 

We’ll keep you on track with messages, texts, and bi weekly check ins to help you lose stubborn fat, build lean muscle and look strong and powerful.

STOP following one size fits all (aka no one) programmes because when we hit 30 and over we need to really focus on mobility and stop smashing up our joints with stress-inducing workouts. 

We will master correct technique which is critical for longevity. YOU will not fail on this programme designed for YOU.

If you are truly ready to commit and go all in, let’s jump on a call and get you the body, health and energy you deserve!

Meet Your Coach

Hi I’m Michael Green, an experience personal trainer and entrepreneur.

Using minimal equipment, I specialise in helping over 30s lose weight, strengthen their mind and transform their body. I push people hard and get results. I practice what I preach and along with countless satisfied clients I am living proof that with the correct mindset anything is possible.

I’ve helped 100’s of  stressed out people transform their life and body by doing one thing better than anyone else in the world:

Simplifying fitness so you can get strong, lean, and muscular without obsessing and spending hours in the gym.

What separates me from the rest is that I can construct a plan completely tailored to you so you can follow it with ease. 

I look forward to connecting with you, 

Mike Green 

“UK’s best online personal trainer”

The GETLEAN Community looks forward to helping you make a life changing transformation…

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